Terms & Conditions


The Terms and Conditions page here sets the basic terms and conditions applicable to the usage of the C3N Project website, operating under C3N Project ltd. The terms are also, in reference, to the games featured on this website which you are entitled to play. Users have to register as a verified gamer or affiliate in order to use the scope of our services. We request users to kindly acknowledge and adhere to the Terms and Conditions we are about to enlist, prior to using our website. The Terms, mentioned here, may or may not change at its own discretion, without notifying the users. Please be posted on the Terms and Conditions page to keep yourself updated on the terms and conditions binding the brand.

Please Note:

The scope of Terms and Conditions displayed here will refer to the website, as well as the company, C3N Project, as “Website”, “Company”, “we”, “our”, or “us”. Please do not confuse these referrals with anything else.

User Responsibility

Once a user registers with the website, they are legally binding themselves into a contractual relationship with the C3N Project Ltd, licensed and governed by the laws binding UK and the state of Alderney. As a user, you have to legally act within the regulations of the UK Gambling Commission for residents belonging to UK. For users accessing this outside of UK, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission will be imposing the relevant regulations that you have to abide by. By agreeing to the Terms and Condition or by partaking in game play, you, the user, is thereby affirming and warranting the following facts about you-

  1. You are not underage, i.e, below 18 years of age. Underage gambling is a criminal offense and might lead to serious repercussions.
  2. You are of sound mind and you are capable of undertaking responsibilities and monetary decisions by yourself, without any third party manning your choices.
  3. You, the user, are aware of the risks involved in monetary gamer play or gambling, which means you will be responsible for any such loss that you apprehend and the Company is in no way responsible for the decisions undertaken by you or the actions being faced by you.
  4. You, the user, agree to use our scope of services at your own discretion and risk and will at no point, hold claims against the Company, employees/ directors of the company, the Brand owner, and companies that are relevantly in partnership with the Company.
  5. You, the user, have to ensure by yourself, that you are not pertaining from jurisdictions where the registration of the Company is not permitted, or considered legal.
  6. You, as a user pertaining from non-permitted jurisdiction, admit that they are using the website and our scope of services illegally, and without our due knowledge and the punishment faced by you, is not liable to the Company in anyway.

Breaching the Terms, or failing to adhere to the same, may result in legal actions, including withholding of any winnings earned under us.