What Is Illegal Gambling In Australia?

Australia is one of the major civilized countries in the world and gambling is perfectly legal in Australia. It has some very strict rules in regards to who can gamble and where they can gamble. In fact, Australia has one of the most stringent sets of laws and regulations surrounding gambling.

This section of the website is dedicated to enlightening you on what those laws and regulations. You are planning on gambling in any way, you will get a good understanding of Australian gambling laws and regulations. There are different Australian online gambling laws the following:

Australian Capital Territory

The acts and legislation are covering gambling in all shapes and it is forming in the Australian Capital Territory.

These are included the Betting Act 1964, the Casino Control Act 2006, the Gaming Machine Act 2004, the Interactive Gambling Act 1998, Lotteries Act 1964 the Pool Betting Act 1964 and the Racing Act 1999.


New South Wales

There are various acts, laws, and legislation that are covering gambling activities in New South Wales. They have included the Betting Tax Act 2001, the Casino Control Act 1992, the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991, the Gambling Act 1998, the Gaming and Liquor Administration Act 2007.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has lots of legislation in place and it is covering gambling. They have included the Gaming Control Act 2005 the Gaming Machine Act 2005 the Northern Territory Licensing Commission Act 2001 and Betting Act 2004.

Other legislation is included the Soccer Football Pools Act 2004 and it also the Unlawful Betting Act 2004.


Other laws and regulations in Queensland are having the Gaming Machine Act 1991, the Interactive Gambling Act 1998, the Jupiter’s Casino Agreement Act 1983, the Keno Act 1996 plus the Lotteries Act 1997 and the Wagering Act 1998.

illegal gambling

South Australia

The gambling industry is a set of very stringent laws and regulations. These are including the Authorised Betting Operations Act 2000, the Casino Act 1997,  the Gaming Machines Act 1992, Gaming Act 1936 and State Lotteries Act 1966.


The two main pieces of legislation are covering gambling in Tasmania.  Illegal gambling in Australia is the Gaming Control Act 1993 and the TT-Line Gaming Act 1993.

Western Australia

Finally, the laws and regulations are used and adhered to in regard to sot gambling activities in Western Australia. These are included the Betting Control Act 1954 the Bookmakers Betting Levy Act 1954 the Racing Restriction Act 2003 and the Racing Bets Levy Act 2009.