Population Management Automated Reporting


Population Management Automated Reporting helps at-risk patients to receive necessary attention between visits.  This quality improvement (QI) method will enable clinicians within ImproveCareNow customizable management of IBD care center patient populations and increase patient participation in care.  Features include:

  • Marking of care strata variables
  • Risk scoring of strata variables (center-specific)
  • Patient stratification – center-level thresholds
  • Care strata recommendations
  • Choice of graphs / additional visualizations
  • Use of i2b2 for ad hoc questions

Population Management is an on-demand, automated report produced within ICN2.  The main page of the Population Management Report provides both a graphical and tabular breakdown of various measures.  Reports can be filtered by provider, secondary provider or diagnosis.  And patient level can be drilled down to contain only certain patients, or an entire population.  Population Management, along with other QI methods like Pre-Visit Planning, is one of the most important processes in improving outcomes for our patients.