ImproveCareNow Exchange


The ImproveCareNow Exchange is a learning resource to radically improve knowledge about how to implement an effective and reliable care delivery system to treat and manage pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The ImproveCareNow Exchange enables care centers to share what they have learned about improving the care of children with IBD.  The collaborative capability enables care centers to use, adapt and improve existing resources, as well as identify the need for new resources and co-create with others anywhere in the network.  Shared resources include tools that allow patients to monitor their own health, forms that help care centers track how well their patients are doing, checklists, parent letters and more.

Organizing resources into an intuitive and user-friendly manner similar to Pinterest, the ImproveCareNow Exchange uses technology that relies on clean, visual displays and allows users to share documents in multiple formats - including video and audio files.  This technology functions both as a repository for existing assets, while stimulating collaboration in order to create new resources.

The Exchange also provides a platform for asynchronous discussion about shared topics of interest across ImproveCareNow Care Centers and promotes sharing among specific groups of participants like patients and their families, clinicians, research coordinators and others.