We Know That...
The typical clinic visit isn't perfect - for patients or providers.  Patients and caregivers have limited time with their providers, but have a lot to remember and share.  Often, patients and caregivers don't have the information they need to ask the right questions or make important decisions.  Most of the important things that go on with a paitent's health happen between clinic visits.  It's hard for patients and caregivers to keep track of and share those data in meaningful ways, with their providers.  Patients and caregivers often have idea about new things to try that might improve health, but don't always have good ways to work with their providers to test these ideas.  And technology makes communication much easier, but patients and caregivers don't often use it to communicate with their providers.

What is Orchestra?
Orchestra is an app designed to help patients and providers work together to improve health.  Patients can use it on their mobile device or computer.  The Orchestra app may be a way for a paitent and their provider to be better prepared for the visit, so they can make the most out of their time together.  Using Orchestra may strengthen the partnership between a patient and their provider, and make health care work better for everyone.

What Can a Patient Do with Orchestra?

  • Track key symptoms as they are happening and share that information with their provider.
  • See, review and share health data with their provider about sysmptoms that are important to the patient between visits.
  • Work with their provider to plan their visit, so everyone can make the most out of their time together.
  • Collaborate with their provider to personalize their treatment plan and test new ideas that might improve health.
  • Follow key lab results and health metrics over time, learn what they mean and receive personalized queistions to discuss with your provider.