YouMeIBD is a Facebook app that connects people with IBD based not only on their common diagnosis, but also by their shared personal interests. Users can take a game-like quiz where they answer questions defined by other users, and even create their own questions for others to answer.  Quiz responses are combined with users’ everyday Facebook interests, then “Soulmates” are calculated and matched.

The purpose of this project is to understand how increased social network connectivity among people within a chronic illness population will affect their health outcomes. We believe that helping patients connect to each other will result in greater actual connectedness, which could increase sense of well-being and greater engagement in clinical care, and ultimately improve outcomes.

We will test the following hypotheses:

  1. Use of YouMeIBD will be associated with increased patient social network density
  2. Social connectedness will be associated with increased sense of well-being and increased levels of engagement
  3. Patient network density and patient engagement will be associated with improved health outcomes