Patient Advisory Council


The Patient Advisory Council (PAC) for ImproveCareNow & C3N is a working group, made up of diverse patients with IBD from all over the country.  The PAC works with us, along with ImproveCareNow, to help get more kids into remission and feeling better today.  Ultimately, the goal of the PAC is to help their generation, and the next.  The voices of the PAC represent the 15,600 children and adolescents in ImproveCareNow living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.  What does a PAC member do?  Patients give insight to research studies, contribute meaningfully to the development of C3N innovations, gain valuable experience interacting with clinicians, researchers and other health professionals, share experiences through social media like LOOP, and more.  One great thing about the PAC is the variety of levels of engagement.  The commitment level is up to each member, and every patient contributes as much or as little as they want.  No matter, the patients share one strong voice – and work to make a difference for themselves and others today.  Interested? Email