IBD Volunteers


No one asks to have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), or any disease for that matter – this is not a journey one makes willingly. But heroes are called from their normal lives, forced to travel to far places and take on seemingly unconquerable monsters. If they have a guide, the right tools, and help from others to share the journey and the burden, they can face the test, become reformed, and share their new skills and accomplishments with the community.

We’re bringing together a community of people with IBD who make a difference for themselves and for others.  Those in the IBD Volunteer program help other patients live well with IBD by connecting them to this larger community of support, by helping them manage the disease and its effect on their lives, and by empowering them to improve their experience of IBD.

IBD Volunteers share their own “hero’s journey” with other patients and families, and help them see that their journey is one that can be conquered too.  Volunteers can help guide patients and families through their journey and provide them with helpful tools for managing it.  And they connect them to other people – other heroes – who can help in other ways.  These IBD Volunteers face the monsters and successfully conquer them and, in turn, help others with their journey.