Emma App


Who is Emma? Emma is the main character in a captivating game of the same name. The game – which is actually an iPad app – is designed to engage young patients in the waiting room while giving clinicians a quick pre-visit snapshot of their condition.  Emma aims to test and increase patient knowledge in four areas: quality of life, wellness, patient nutrition and general nutrition.  The app also aims to change the clinician’s interactions.

The idea for Emma originated from a team of undergraduates at the University of Oklahoma working with ImproveCareNow Clinician, Dr. John Grunow, at their health sciences center. The app was generated out of the Software Business Accelerator (SoBA) within the Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW). Working with the clinical staff, the 10-person student team – made up of programmers, graphic designers and strategic analysts – ideated, designed, and developed Emma to help address some of the issues described by Dr. Grunow.

Emma is an effective and clever use of technology, which has been designed especially for a tech-savvy generation. The app turns waiting room downtime into a productive use of patient energy (and maybe even jitters!) to better the patient-physician dynamic.