Clinicians as Co-designers


For the C3N Project, clinicians in particular help provide the means to a solution for enhancement of the care delivery experience. With their care centers, clinicians across the ImproveCareNow Network can choose to collaborate in our innovations, and for example, allow them to prototype and test results from tools designed to optimize clinical interactions and shared decision-making. By collaborating with patients and researchers on C3N innovations and sharing data about their performance, clinicians help increase the long term effect of improved outcomes, at lower costs, resulting in the increase of patients in sustained remission.  In fact, support from clinicians on innovations has helped ImproveCareNow grow the proportion of children and adolescents with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis in remission from 55% to 78%, without new medications. Christopher B. Forrest, MD, PhD notes that “after a few years of work ImproveCareNow has become the leading learning health system for children in the nation, and perhaps the world.” For the C3N Project, these results mean success.

Clinician Innovations | EMMA App

Emma%20iPad%20ImageWhite20140418.png Data suggests physicians may poorly assess disease-specific literacy and transition readiness in pediatric patients, and tools to test knowledge in a clinic setting are lacking.  EMMA, an in-clinic gaming app for iPad, was designed through the leadership of clinician Dr. John Grunow at Oklahoma University (an ImproveCareNow Care Center) for pediatric patients with IBD.  Two sites - OU and Mayo Clinic, led by Dr. Jeanne Tung - are using EMMA to evaluate and teach gaps in knowledge, assess emotional functioning and increase patient engagement.  Patients play the game at clinic during their wait time, which involves 4 rounds of gameplay and questions.  The results are immediately seen by the clinical team, providing direct tailored patient teaching opportunities.  The EMMA App is a great example of a clinician-driven innovation, and has the potential to make a big impact for both the patient and the clinician.

How can I get involved?

IMG_8713_525x335.jpg Are you an ImproveCareNow Network clinician?  Do you care for pediatric patients with a chronic disease?  Or are you simply a clinician who is interested in learning more about how to better engage your patients in the clinical encounter?  The C3N Project is working with many clinicians, both in development and testing of C3N innovations like the one described above.  If you're an ImproveCareNow clinician, you can ask how to implement these new tools in your clinic; or simply start talking to your patients about being part of the Network and what that means for their care.  You can even hear from other clinicians, like Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, who wrote about his experience on his blog, 33 charts: “I’m an ImproveCareNow Doctor”.  And you can always email to learn more about the innovations we are designing, prototyping, piloting and implementing – and see what we are currently recruiting for or looking to test on small groups.  Most importantly, clinicians, together with patients and researchers, need to talk about the opportunity to get more kids into remission.